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 Meet Your Insurance Expert...

I'm Brit Eady and I’ve Launched this Master Class to help people like me who were sick and tired of trying multiple different career paths and businesses with goals of being successful. After many different career paths and a journey thru entrepreneurship, I stumbled upon The Insurance Industry and turned an untapped opportunity into a multi-million dollar career path. I created a lane with no traffic in it. I took over the game and made a name for myself in an industry that was boring, and male dominated.

Now I’m here to teach the game on how I did it! In my life I always felt people gate-kept the most profitable opportunities and I’m here as a testament that this industry has changed my life and can change yours! I created this online course to serve as a tool to help those out there looking to join this path to success. This online course will give you all the tools needed to tackle this industry with confidence and assurance.

 What Sets Me Apart?

What set me apart as a top agent in the Insurance Industry, I a created my own niche. I played by my own rules. I ditched the old traditional ways of running an agency and adapted to my own marketing & business techniques and won big! I created a formula that allowed me to make 7 figures in my first 2 years of business.  While some industry professionals had more experience than me, my unique marketing strategies, my adaption to the current market, and how I built my team put me at the top of my game. In my course I’m going to teach exactly what I did differently so that You can elevate your skillset and waste no time trying to figure out how to grow your business. Im going to give away my secret recipe on how to rise to the top and make 6 to 7 figures!

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